What is the command line utility to check, enable or disable debug on Control-M Server - INCLUDES VIDEO

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    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows - All currently supported versions


    - How to check, enable and disable debug on Control-M Server using command line?
    - How to stop the logs in the Control-M Server proclog directory from growing larger in file size?



    A.  Use the Control-M Configuration Manager and right click onto the Control-M/Server to view the current debug levels.  Toggle the processes as needed.  Apply the changes.

    B.  To check if the debug is enabled directly from the Control-M Server:
    - Launch the command prompt
    - Run either command (these commands work on either Windows or Linux Control-M/Servers):


    ecaprflag -ACTION LIST




    prf 1 1


    - The last column "DIAG_LVL" will show the debug level (0 = Disabled)

    For example,
    CE                21364958  R                 R                   60                  0
    NS                19267736  R                 R                   30                  0
    RT                7536752    R                 R                   30                  0
    SU                5046418    R                 R                   60                  0
    TR                23920842  R                 R                   5                    0
    WD               20840502  R                 R                   360                0

    2. To enable the debug on Control-M Server
    - Launch the command prompt
    - Run: dbglvl process_name debug_level [module_number]

    - Run "prf 1 1" to list the available process_name to debug
    - If need to debug all Control-M Server processes, use "ALL" for process_name
    - If the debug is for Control-M Support, use debug_level = 4 and module_number = 0

    For example,
    To enable the debug for SU process, run: dbglvl SU 4 0
    To enable the debug for ALL processes, run: dbglvl ALL 4 0

    3. To disable the debug on Control-M Server
    - Launch the command prompt
    - Run: dbglvl ALL 0 0

    For example,
    To disable the debug for Control-M Server, run: dbglvl ALL 0 0

    C. Use ctm_menu > 8. Troubleshooting > 1. Set Diagnostic Levels
    Set the process diagnostic level, the module level, and then choose the process.

    Additional Information
    - It is recommended to open a ticket with Control-M Support Team before running any debug so to ensure that the debug details collected is neccesssary.


    The following video demonstrates this solution:



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