Remedy D2P - Getting "ERROR(326) Required field cannot be blank,; Process Types. Invalid Process Types found" when deploying a hotfix package

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    Remedy AR Server 9.1.04, 1802


    Steps to Reproduce:
    - Environment: 1802
    - Import and Deploy AR 1802 Hotfix using Deployment Management Console.
    - Package Status changes to Deploy Error.
    - View the package and under Status Reason User gets Error: 
    ERROR(326) Required field cannot be blank,; Process Types. Invalid Process Types found;


    Missing Deployment Forms


    - Check serveradmin.def  located under <ARS install dir>\ARSystem\Arserver\installforms\en location.
    - This def carries the RDA related definitions and related workflow (Active Link, Filter).
    - Import this def using Developer Studio.

    • NOTE: With 9.1.04 its expected to have RDA related forms and workflow. So this issue may not occur on each environment.
    • They is a possibility to receive Error: Duplicate Entry ID found", and the current setting is "Do Not Create New" as this definition has Form Data as well. This error points the data is present on the Server. 
    • It's OK to ignore this error as other then Data, Forms and Workflow does get imported successfully.
       - Once the def is imported :  
    • Delete the Existing Package from Deployment Management Console.
    • Delete pack entries from AR System Single Point Deployment Payload Form.
    • Delete pack entries from Server from location: ~~\BMC Software\ARSystem\Arserver\Db\BMC_DEPLOYMENT_PACKAGES
    • Import and Deploy the package again.


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