Remedy Smart Reporting - Can a Background Image be added to the Report and Charts?

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    Smart Reporting 19.x


    Is it possible to add an image in the reports and/or chart background in Remedy Smart Reporting?


    Smart Reporting has the configuration functionality that allows you to add a background image for charts but not for reports. 

    To add a background image for a chart, click on the 'Background' icon in the chart and select the image to add under Plot section.

    User-added image

    For reports, it is not possible to have an image in the background. However, using 'HTML formatter', an image can be displayed in the report columns. 

    User-added image  User-added image

    Disable the 'Remove HTML Tags' to make the above work and select the Field Format as 'HTML Formatter'.

    User-added image

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