What's New in BMC Helix Platform 19.08?

Version 1
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    The BMC Helix Platform 19.08 release continues advances in app development, cognitive and enhancing/extending/customizing capabilities.


    Key features include:


    Google TensorFlow Support

    BMC Helix Platform enables the administrators to make a choice between the classification service provider that they can use for auto-categorization and auto-assignment. As an alternative to IBM Watson Assistant, administrators can also use BMC Native (Google) classification for their cognitive service.

    Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 6.29.25 PM.png

    Actionable Notifications

    Developers and Business Analysts creating or customizing applications can now add an action to a notification. The action appears as a link in an alert that is displayed in the bell icon in the top navigation of the app or in an email notification. The end user of the application can then click on the link and navigate directly to the issue or event to resolve it or view the details. To enable this, the tenant admin sets a URL in a server centralized configuration setting.  Once configured, the platform generates the appropriate URL to the issue or event and automatically adds it as a link to the alert and/or email.


    Extractive summaries of chatbot-end user conversation

    By enhancing the BMC Helix Chatbot, an agent can see the summary of the end-user to chatbot interaction and understand what steps have been taken to address the issue at hand.  That way the agent can take the next step in the investigation to more quickly resolve the issue.


    Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 6.31.33 PM.png


    For all features and functionality contained in the BMC Helix Platform 19.08, please visit here.