What's new in BMC Helix Business Workflows 19.08?

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    BMC Helix Business Workflows 19.08 delivers significant new functionalities including email-based approvals, Adobe E-Signature, bulk case assignment, and more.


    Email-based Approvals

    Case business analysts can configure email-based notifications for case approvals so that the approvers receive an email notification for every new approval request. Approvers can quickly approve, reject, or hold the requests through email notifications. They need not access the Approval Console to perform these actions and can meet their business needs easily.


    Bulk Assignment of Cases

    Case manager and case agents can complete their tasks quickly by using simplified features such as assigning multiple cases at a time, adding cases to the watchlist to receive case update notifications, and using templates for adding activity notes.


    Templatized Activity Notes

    Agents can use predefined templates when adding notes to cases, tasks, persons or knowledge articles.


    Enhanced auditing capabilities for cases and tasks

    Case agents can track the activities performed on cases and tasks at a single place, the Activity tab. A case agent can access the Activity tab of a case or task, and view the updates such as status changes, assignment changes, number of views per user, access to confidential data, priority changes, and so on. To view specific updates, case agents can filter the activity logs by using the available filters.


    There are many more features to explore in the 19.08 release of BMC Helix Business Workflows.  For the full release features, click here.