What's New in BMC Helix Digital Workplace 19.08?

Version 1
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    The latest release of BMC Helix Digital Workplace includes exciting new end user and administrator enhancements to help bring organizations into the Future of Work. Read below to learn more about our latest features including advanced event filtering so end users can get to the info they need faster than ever, powerful new ways for managed service providers to add and manage customers, and more.


    Managed Services

    As a service provider, you can use the managed service provider mode to add and manage multiple customers, their users, and the services you provide to your customers. You can also enable the credit management feature to use a currency-agnostic approach for assigning a cost to your services. Thereafter, you can assign credit limits to each of your customers and charge them based on the number of credits consumed.


    Active Events Filtering

    Filter active events by Requests, Approvals, and Appointments. They can further filter the active events with a keyword search.

    Users can also adjust page size to allow for a more helpful page layout.


    Customization enhancements

    You can add regular expressions to password-type questions to define a required password schema and validate the responses that the end users provide.


    You can create a multi-tabbed questionnaire where conditions on one tab affect questions on other tabs.

    • For example, you might create a questionnaire for setting up a VM Service. The questionnaire would include with these tabs: General, Hardware, Operating System, Storage, Network. You can configure conditional questions on the Hardware tab that affect the Operating System and Network tabs.


    All this and much more.  For full details on BMC Helix Digital Workplace 19.08 release, visit here.