TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor:Why does ADCheck report a “Domain name conflict" ?

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    When getting below Error "Domain Name conflict" while executing ADCheck -d Command
    Verifying SWS operations
    Using Active Directory domain name = <MyDomain1>
    Domain name conflict.
    Active Directory reports a domain name of <MyDomain>
    [App_Service].ads_domainname is set to <MyDomain1>
    Authenticator RootDSE failed: Domain name conflict


    This is caused when the active directory domain name is incorrectly configured in service.cfg file 
    Below are the step need to be followed.

    1) Stop all the services
    2) Take backup of the service.cfg file 
    3) Make changes to ads_domainname setting as below.
     Active Directory domain name = <MyDomain>
    4) Start all the services.


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