Experience for Alexandru

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    Thanks Alexandru Stancescu for the feedback on the Sept survey:


    I looked at content you created, and only found ideas (not discussions):

    Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 10.03.23.png

    Wow, and you created ideas for many products, thanks for being that engaged with BMC!


    As explained in the Ideas FAQ, having BMC Product Managers engaging on all ideas created by customers is unrealistic (huge volume of content), that's why we have stages. And we set expectations on when the team (Product Mgr, Architects, etc.) reviews.

    Unfortunately, I see that 2 of your hot ideas (with very good score) still have no comment at all, from Customers, Partner or BMCers.

    Calling out champions of TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt and BMC Helix communities, so that initial engagement happens on these 2 ideas at least (thus helping Product Mgr to then take a decision)


    Let's see how things will move for your ideas.


    Also, I recommend that you also engage in other ways, first creating a discussion (even before you have an idea for improvement), so that you get feedback from other practitioners on how they achieve a specific tactic that you would like deliver.