BCM - Remonte Control On Request session email display IP Address, how can I change IP Address or replace this with FQDN

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    BMC Client Management


    BCM 12.8 and higher


    When sharing Remote Control session information, one IP Address is displayed by default :

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    In case you want to either change the IP Address selected or replace it with FQDN, then you can follow here after procedure :

    - In BMC Client Management Console (either setup or Web Start Consoles, but not WebConsole)
    - Go in Rollouts node
    - Then in the Rollout Configuration you have created for Remote Control On Request purpose.
    - In the Server node, right click on assigned server and then on Properties

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    You can then select the a different Network Interface or its FQDN, if value you want is not available in the list you can directly write the information you want to use 

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    Then generate Rollout Package again in order to have new information included in it

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