DMT Job for load people updating only CTM:People form but not User form.

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    Remedy ITSM Foundation


    DMT, Remedy ITSM Foundation 9.x, 18.x


    -Select any Login ID exist with name testbmc1@old  in CTM:People form
    -We want to change the login id from testbmc1@old to testbmc1@new 
    -Download People Load job spreadsheet from from spreadsheet management Console
    -Update CTM:LoadPeople form data in spreadsheet and keep login as testbmc1@old ,Corporate id as 12345, Person ID as existing record and keep 'Alternate ID' as blank
    -Run People load job using spreadsheet from data management job console

    2. USE CASE:
    When we load the people record without Alternate ID, it gets updated People but not User form
    (In People form Login ID updated correctly from testbmc1@old to testbmc1@new however in User form it still showing as testbmc1@old)

    Login ID should update in User form as well

    4. PROBLEM
    If Alternate ID is blank then Login ID from CTM:People form should not be updated.


    Defect SW00550808


    Root Cause:
    “CTM:DPP:SetPropagateFlagLoginID” filter should fire which will end up pushing the Target Login ID from CTM:LoadPeople to "DMT:SYS:DataWizardQueue" form and "DMT:DWQ:PushtoDataWizAction" Escalation will call Data wizard job to update the Login ID in “User” form Now incoming alternate id field is NULL(In CTM:LoadPeople form) then the filter “CTM:DPP:SetPropagateFlagLoginID”  won’t fire so the logon id change does NOT get propagated (i.e. no record is inserted into the DataWizardQueue form).

    Filter “CTM:DPP:SetTargetRequestID_CorpID” does a lookup using the corporate id value and retrieves the person id of the matching record.

    This behavior has been confirmed as a Defect# SW00550808 and fixed from ITSM 19.02 version.

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