BMC Performance Manager Portal 2.11.00 user session timeout settings do not appear to work correctly

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    When setting the user session timeout values in the properties files for BMC Performance Manager Portal 2.11.00 the settings do not seem to take affect. What could be the issue?

    Applies to BMC Performance Manager Portal 2.11.00




    There is a defect open for the session timeout documentation: QM001874276



    Legacy ID:KA423978


    There was an incorrect file path to the mentioned web.xml file to be modified for the session timeout setting. The details are mentioned in the
    BMC Performance Manager Portal Monitoring and Management Guide page 367.
    The incorrect path is: %BMC_PORTAL_KIT_HOME%\appserver\websdk\tools\jboss\server\all\deploy\jbossweb-tomcat55.sar\conf\web.xml

     Correct path:


    You must set the session-timeout value to the following:

    Once the setting changes are made, there needs to be an update made to the database in order to get the changes to take affect.

    Please make the following changes:

    1) Change the session-timeout value from 60 to -1 in the three files:
    and restart the BMC Performance Manager Portal


    2) Following this change and when any of the global properties are changed the following update needs to be run against the database:

    sqlplus pe/pe@bmcpds
    update websdk_provider_property set value='100000' where keyid='';

    (It will change the timeout to 70 days)

    Once the update to the database is made the session timeout will be set properly.


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