Unable to view Activity log from SmartIT Incident ticket

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT


    When agent open Incident ticket and check for activity log no log are displayed, if checked from Mid-tier ITSM Work logs are updated.
    All work log are updated from Service requests are missing in SmartIT.
    When checked on Back end form SMT:Social_WorkLog_View can see records are updated.


     This is fixed in 1908 as part of defect SW00554382

    Workaround -
    1. login to Developer studio
    2. pull up form 'SRM:WorkInfo'
    3. create necessary form and field overlay
    4  locate field ID '1' which is "Work Info ID" (Not In View)
    5. add 'General Access' permission.to this field and save the changes
    6. retest the behavior with a **new** service request / incident

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