Getting the error 'vista_uac.c(65) RegQueryFailed 0' in the PATROL Agent error logs

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    PATROL Agent


    PATROL Agent


    All versions of the PATROL Agent


    The PATROL Agent is not working as expected and the below error is present in the agent logs:

    vista_uac.c(65) RegQueryFailed 0


    This error suggests that the UAC controls on user account do not allow it to read from the Windows registry. 
    User should be able to login with the credentials provided for the "DefaultAccount" variable in PATROL Agent and run the "regedit" command to query the registry.

    Please check the UAC settings and make sure that account used to start the PATROL Agent and the PATROL default account can both read information from the registry.

    If the UAC is set to maximum on the server, it can be reduced by 1 level to fix the issue.

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