MainView Middleware Administrator: Two product installations exist. How to determine which of the two is the active one?

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    MainView Middleware Administrator


    BMC Middleware Management - Administration


    MainView Middleware Administrator TrueSight Middleware Administrator BMC Middleware Management - Administration


    For some reason there are two product installations. How can be determined, which is the active and in-use one?


    When running, the product continuously logs to the bmm.admin.log log file. This log is located in the "logs" subdirectory of the product installation. Checking for either the the file's time stamp or checking the time stamps of the last log messages from this file will reveal if the product is currently running.

    On Windows the Windows service entry can be checked. Open the Services Control Panel (services.msc), double click on the "MainView Middleware Adminstrator" or on the "BMC TrueSight Middleware Administrator" service entry and check the "Path" entry.


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