Internal Only: psx_server.xpc process consuming high amount out memory and CPU on the windows server

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    PATROL for Microsoft Windows


    PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers


    This is applicable to 5.1 version of Windows KM


    psx_server.xpc process consuming high amount out Memory and CPU on the Windows server.


    Large number for events read by psx_server.xpc process


    Need to apply the below variables apart from updating to 10.0.

    1. We need to verify if a large number of events are being read by psx_server.xpc process and then limit the number of events read by psx_server.xpc. 

    2. Use the attached document to apply the pconfig variable to limit number of events read by xpc process. 

    3. Please disable Summary filter of all EventLog if not using it? 

    In order to disable Summary filter from security EventLog set below pconfig variable to 0. 


    4. Restart the PatrolAgent after making the above changes. 

    Note: Make sure you take the back up of current configuration before making these changes.


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