Only first 50 related CI's are getting considered for Impact Analysis on change request.

Version 8
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    Remedy Change Management Application


    BMC Remedy Change Management Application







    We have created a change request with more than 50 CIs and identified that only first 50 CIs are getting simulated, when used impact Analysis.




    ITSM 8.1 






    The reported behavior is current working is ‘As Implemented’ – meaning that while workflow did not purposely set out to significantly and practically limit the number of CIs that can be simulated from a Change request, the current architectural implementation requires limits be set to balance performance and usability.




    We understand that there are legitimate and reasonable use cases where the current limit of 50, or even an expanded limit is not suitable.




    We have also created below Idea to consider and collect some more feedback on the related test case.



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