Digital Workplace "Activity" records missing after changing Customer in a fulfillment ticket

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    After changing the Customer in a fulfillment ticket, the Activity records for the REQ are not visible in the new Customer's feed.

    They do see the REQ properly within Request Entry.


    This is due to data being out of sync on the MYIT:Service_Request record when the Customer is changed.


    Each fulfillment application has a different solution with this scenario, and each will be covered below:

    1) For Incident records

    To work around this issue, do the following:

    - Update the Filter:


    to run on Modify (in addition to Submit).

    This will address the scenario for any future updates. If existing records need to be updated, the field 'OBOAssignee' on the form MYIT:Service_Request will need to be updated on the affected records.

    2) For Change Request records

    The items in Step 1 apply with the addition of the following workaround for Defect SW00562415 (will be addressed in an upcoming release of SRM):

    Requirement to update one existing filter via Dev Studio.  
    INT:SRMCHG:CRQ:UpdateRequest_650_Modify`!        (existing filter)  
    Details of Filter update:  
    1. Create an overlay of filter INT:SRMCHG:CRQ:UpdateRequest_650_Modify`!  
    2. In the existing Push Fields action add the following to the Field Mapping:  
            Field                        Value  
            Requested For Login ID        $Customer Login ID  
    3. Save the overlaid filter. 
    3) For Work Order records

    By design there is no update to the REQ customer data when it's changed on the Work Order. If it's desired that the data be updated as it is for Incident/Change, the records on MYIT:Service_Request will need to be updated accordingly (see screenshot for fields that need to be updated) 


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