TS-Synthetic - BrowserClick(BrowserEngine: 29 - UI element not found )

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    TrueSight Synthetic Transaction Monitor with Micro Focus Silk Performer


    BMC Synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter


    Silk Performer - All Versions TEA Agent - All Versions


    The Truelog from the Synthetic TEA Agent shows the following error:

    BrowserClick(BrowserEngine: 29 - UI element not found )



    This error can occur in any situation where the monitored site has done something that the Silk Performer script has not anticipated

    Below are a couple of scenarios where this may happen:

    Example 1:
    The script enters a username and password.  However, the password was recently changed and the script was not updated with the new password. This means that when the script clicks on the login button, the login will fail.  If the next click in the script is to click on a button after a successful login then the button click will fail resulting in the BrowserClick(BrowserEngine: 29 - UI element not found ) error.

    Example 2:
    A site is running very slow and the script does not have any wait or sleep timers built into it.  This means that if a page that is being monitored does not load fast enough, then the script will try to perform the next action when the page is not ready.  This failed click will cause a BrowserClick(BrowserEngine: 29 - UI element not found ) error.

    To determine exactly what step failed in the script, review the Synthetic Truelog from the TEA Agent.  It may also be helpful to compare the Truelog to the Silk Performer TryScript.

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