App Visibility .Net agent does not reflect the latest version after upgrade in the TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) Console

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    The App Visibility Agent for .Net (.Net Agent) has been upgraded from an older version to a newer version. The upgrade completed successfully without any issues. There are no any errors in install logs. 

    But the .Net agent is still reflecting the older version in the TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) Console.  Also the AgentService.exe is still showing the older file version


    This is caused as the AgentService.EXE cannot be stopped long enough for the installation package to replace the file with the newer version.  This can be caused by the following things:

    1.  The event viewer being open and locking the App Visibility Agent for .Net (.Net Agent) executable.
    2.  The OS KM is running on the same server and is causing the AgentService.exe to be restarted before the installer can copy over the new file.

    Below is a workaround for this issue:

    1.  Close are open applications on the system. 
    2.  If the OS KM is running on the server, then stop the Patrol Agent in Services. 
    3.  Stop the .Net Agent in Services
    4.  Backup the file  AgentService.exe from the following folder:
    \BMC Software\App Visibility\Agent for .NET\Bin
    5.  Extract the new AgentService.exe from the <installerDir>/Disk1/files/
    6.  Copy the file to:
    \BMC Software\App Visibility\Agent for .NET\Bin
    7.  Restart the .Net Agent in services.  
    8.  If the Patrol Agent was also stopped, then restart it.

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