TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation (TSSR-SA): TrueSight Smart Reporting Install Option with existing Database Schema

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    TrueSight Smart Reporting - Server Automation


    TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation


    Reinstall with existing schema


    How to run TrueSight Smart Reporting Installer on the existing database without making any changes to the database schema?


    After the initial node is installed and the Smart Reporting database is created, the installer can be used for the installation of subsequent nodes without affecting the initial database.

    Use the Smart Reporting Installer using the command:
    java -jar <jar installer name>.jar action.nodbaccess=true

    The action.nodbaccess=true option will run the installer as usual, and prompt for database credentials, but not create or alter the database during installation. This will only generate the file system component of Smart Reporting. 


    The above will not work in 20.02 as it uses the native BMC installer to perform the installation (as opposed to YF's installer consisting of a JAR file)
    Instead, navigate to the silent.options file under: ".../SmartReporting/Disk1/utility/silent.options" to find the following options:


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