DWPC Approval - Information for approver

Version 3
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    There is a need from Approver to get more information in DWP from a request for approval.


    Calling the Request Approval process using Call Activity in DWPC Workflow you have to map a Field Approval Summary. This field is required but free text.Normally the Service Name is mapped inside but you can put there any text, either use STRIPHTML to put there Line Break.






    Then the Approver can see e.g. following in the approval Title in DWP:



    If the Information is too long it will be trimmed but hover over with mouse will show you everything:



    Additionally there is the little i on the right of Waiting Approval text. That is Status Reason which is also a free text which is filled by step Set Status - Waiting Approval which can be seen on the first screenshot:



    At least some way to give more informations to the approver