Devices not showing up in groups  on TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) Console

Version 7
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    Devices not showing up in groups  on TSPS Console


    Ensure that the TSPS has adequate RAM and that the conf files have been tuned correctly.
    If the TSPS is on a VM, ensure that resources have been reserved.

    If the symptom persists:
    - Enable debugging on the TSPS as follows:
    tssh logger debug on -n CMA
    tssh logger debug on -n

    - Enable debugging on the Truesight Infrastructure Management ( TSIM ) as follows:
    pw debug on -p jserver

    - Attempt to add a Device to a Group

    - Check if the Device was added to Group in TSIM immediately and in TSIM the Device appears OK in group.

    - Confirm that the Device is not immediately added to the Group in the TSPS

    - Send the TSPS logs (.\truesightpserver\logs)
    - Send the TSIM logs (.\pw\pronto\logs)
    - Also run the following on the TSIM & send the output:
    runsqli "select count(*) from groupmos where motypeid!=1 and MOINSTID not in (select itemid from item_cfg)"

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