Salesforce Turn On Lightning Experience (Critical Update)  Impact on Remedyforce

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    Salesforce Winter 20 release and later


    What is the impact of Salesforce "Turn On Lightning Experience (Critical Update)"  on Remedyforce ?
    Is there will be any UI change or functionality change   in Remedyforce?
    Is it possible to switch between Classic to Lightening or Lightening to Classic mode after Winter 20 release of Salesforce?


    After Lightning Experience critical update is turned on, Lightning Experience enabled users working in Salesforce Classic are automatically switched to Lightning Experience when they log in.This will be  applicable to only users with Lightning Experience User permission enabled.So if an Admin does not enable this permission for any of the users, they will still be able to use Classic mode even after  Winter’20 release of Salesforce.

    There will be slight change in the lightening experience UI ,however the functionality will remain the same.
    Yes,users will be able to switch between lightening and classic mode even after Winter 20 release.

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