TS Synthetic - What is the recommendation for increasing the execution.log.db.max.capacity.mb setting?

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    TrueSight Synthetic Transaction Monitor with Micro Focus Silk Performer


    BMC Synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter


    BMC Synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter (TEA) Agent - all version


    The user wants to modify the retention level for the Execution Logs to be downloaded from the TSPS console per the steps in the following document:


    They are in the  App_Visibility/portal/properties/portal.properties file and they have the following default settings:

    execution.log.db.max.capacity.mb = 2000
    execution.log.retention.task.period.hours = 24

    The user requires to have an Execution Log retention for 5 days (120 hours).


    First, below is an explanation on how it works:

    Step 1) The Synthetic TEA agent saves the result archives (truelogs) and by default, it saves 15 archives. This is configured in the <ArchiveRollingMax>15</ArchiveRollingMax> parameter.

    Step 2) When a user requests (and only requests) to download the Execution Log from the TSPS console then that Execution Log is stored in the App Visibility Portal server. The user can change the amount of archives in GB that the App Visibility Portal saves with the execution.log.db.max.capacity.mb parameter.

    So let’s assume the Execution Plans run every 1 minute and the user wants to save 5 days of archives then it means they need to set the Synthetic TEA agent setting to 7,200, which is not supported and not recommended (the maximum is 5000). If they have multiple Execution Plans and Synthetic TEA agents on the same machine, then this means the machine disk space will fill up very fast, which is the reason why BMC has the retention in the first place.

    Also Engineering do not think the user needs to save so many archives if there is not an issue. They would probably only want to see the problematic results, which we have an RFE for Engineering to review.

    Below are questions to think about:

    Question 1) Does the user actually want everything or just the problematic results?
    Question 2) How frequently are the Execution Plans are running?
    Question 3) How many Synthetic TEA Agents and Execution Plans are on the same machine?
    Question 4) How much available disk space on that same machine?

    Then the user will need to calculate what will happen to disk space if they change the settings on the Synthetic TEA agent. BMC Engineering does not recommend changing any settings on the App Visibility Portal at this time.

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