TS-Synthetic - RESERR:1028- The BDF  file's codepage does not match the ANSI codepage of the system

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    TrueSight Synthetic Transaction Monitor with Micro Focus Silk Performer


    Borland Silk Performer


    Borland Silk Performer - All Versions


    The following error is seen when trying to compile a script in Borland Silk Performer:

    RESERR:1028- The BDF file's codepage doesnot match the ANSI codepage of the system



    This issue can occur when using WAN agents in different countries which are likely to have different system codepages.  For example, running a test with Silk Performer in Europe (usually codepage 1252) with a WAN agent in Tokyo (usually 932).  

    It can also occur when receiving test scripts from colleagues whose system (the record system) has a different codepage from the one the script will be run on (the replay system).


    Use the below  link and follow the directions for installing the Language packs:


    Specify settings in the Language for non-Unicode programs boxes to match the target language. 


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