Remedy Smart Reporting How to Sync more than 7 Custom App Group Users?

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    Does Remedy Smart Reporting allows more than 7 Custom App Group use onboarding when Remedy ITSM is not installed?


    From Smart Reporting 18.08 onwards, you can onboard a tenant even without having ITSM installed.  While onboarding, you can onboard up to seven users and while synchronizing with Smart Reporting, the User Sync utility syncs only seven users to Smart Reporting.  The 7 user limit is as per license entitlement with yellowfin. If customer wants to onboard more than 7 users, it requires additional license. Customers can directly reach out to Yellowfin and procure additional license:

    Refer to documentation link for more information on the custom app group onboarding:

    Note: If ITSM is already installed in customer environment, then the user limit '7' does not apply. This limitation is only with Non-ITSM customers. 

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