DRZKZ-3153: The inventory subnodes are not available from the console after the upgrade to 12.9

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    BCM 12.9 RTM


    After the upgrade to 12.9 all the inventory subnodes are not accessible and errors similar to these can be found in the master logs:

      2019/08/30 13:44:04 Vision64Database ERR [5344] Query: UPDATE HwInv_ObjType_148 SET ATTR_14808 = ATTR_597789  
    2019/08/30 13:44:04 Vision64Database ERR [5344] SQL Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Die COMMIT TRANSACTION-Anforderung hat keine entsprechende BEGIN TRANSACTION-Anweisung. (Native error: 3902) 




    The issue is due to the VolumeName attribute of WMI class Win32_LogicalDisk is already existing in your database before the upgrade. We have opened the defect DRZKZ-3153.


    This hasn't been solved at the time of the writing of this KA (09/02/2019), but there is a workaround: you need to run the following query on your database.

    The query that has to be ran depends on the type of database you are using:

    - For SQL SERVER:
    ALTER TABLE HwInv_ObjType_148 ADD ATTR_14808 NVARCHAR (256)

    - For Oracle:
    ALTER TABLE HwInv_ObjType_148 ADD ATTR_14808 NVARCHAR2 (256)

    - For POSTGRES:
    ALTER TABLE HwInv_ObjType_148 ADD ATTR_14808 VARCHAR (256)

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