Data were missing from the PATROL for Application Management (AM KM) parameters when viewed from the TSPS console

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    PATROL for Application Management


    AM KM


    PATROL for Application Management (AM KM) version 10.7.00



    From Monitoring -> Applications screen within the TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) console, there are data in the Synthetic application.  However when viewing the same Synthetic data in the AM KM parameters from the TSPS console, all of the data were not present or missing data.  This issue is only related to the Synthetic transactions, Custom timers and Page timers data.




    Below are several root causes for this issue:

    1) There is an issue with the PATROL Agent sending the AM KM data to the Integration Service and/or TrueSight Infrastructure Management (TSIM) server.

    2) The AM KM is not collecting any data from the Synthetic application(s).  From the command prompt on the PATROL Agent, execute the dump_hist command to dump the historical data from the PATROL Agent.  Then view the dump_hist output file, and see if there are any data for the AM KM.

    3) Ensure the correct Java JRE is installed on the PATROL Agent that has the AM KM.  It is recommended to use the Java JRE that came with the repository file in the TSPS server.

    4) Verify if the CMA Policy or Infrastructure Policy that has the AM KM configuration contain settings that override the thresholds for the AM KM. This AM KM was not designed to have its polling intervals and filtering altered as it could possibly affect its collection.  If there are such settings then remove these Filtering and Polling Intervals from the CMA Policy/Infrastructure Policy and restart the PATROL Agent so the AM KM runs with the default collection cycles.


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