Sample Service Request Definitions for SRM 7.6.03

Version 1

    The attached ZIP file contains 113 sample Service Request  Definitions (SRDs) for SRM 7.6.03 from various areas (both IT and non-IT) that you can use as starting point for creating  your own catalog of service request definitions. It is based on the best-practice service management configuration that BMC Software delivers for the BMC Remedy IT Service Management suite - both on demand and on premise.


    Please read the README.txt file  included in the ZIP file for important notes about the contents of the ZIP file. Some images and category data packaged in the file also are provided as part of the out-of-the-box configuraiton of SRM - thus the import process may create some warnings about duplicate data. You can safely ignore these warnings.


    The data is provided "as is". It is not part of the supported product functionality. You can use it at your own risk.