Defining Custom Qualification for Archival.

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    Remedy AR System Server




    1. In the Best Practice Customization mode, open any form like(HPD:Help Desk, Email Messages, SRM:Request)
    2. Create an overlay and view overlay.
    3. Open the form and navigate to Definitions tab.
    4. Expand other Definition and select the Overlay type to Overwrite.
    5. Users are not able to modify the archival qualification .

    In 8.x ,users are able to modify the archival policy .
    in 8.x , out of the box archival def or policy rule was not deployed,so user had feature to modify values from the best practice customization mode.

    Starting from 9.x,out of the box archival qualification has been shipped with form definition.

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    This is a known limitation (i.e. considered as designed) and is described in the AR System product documentation.
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    Currently, the only way to make this change is by modifying the Base Object (but such changes would be overwritten during upgrades). Product Development is open to consider enhancing this feature in a future version of the product to allow overlaying these Archive Type properties.




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