Unable to start jobs from the Drift Management Console

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    BMC Configuration Drift Management


    BMC Configuration Drift Management


    BMC Configuration Drift Management 8.1 (having 9.1 and above AR(Linux box))



    Getting error  “Error in plugin :JOBMGR.FILTERAPI (ARERR 8755) when running Drift Job though sunlib.jar file was present

    marimba.zip file was present on server instead of marimba.jar

    This is for 9.1sp2 AR linux box with Drift Management version 8.1

    1> Stop AR server and tomcat and check below things.

    2> Check if sunlib.jar is present at below path;

    3> Check if below line is added to "pluginsvr_config.xml" which is present at /opt/bmc/ars/arsystem/pluginsvr
    <pathelement type-"location">/opt/bmc/ars/arsystem/BMC_Configuration_Drift_Management/BMC_Configuration_Drift_Management/ar/java-plugins/job-manager/sunlib.jar</pathlement>

    4> Check if marimba.jar is present at below path. If marimba.zip is present instead of jar file, change it to "marimba.jar";


    5> Clear all the logs from below path; 
        ARL - /opt/bmc/ars/arsystem/db 
        Midtier - /usr/share/tomcat/logs 
    6> Restart ARL and Midtier. Perform midtier cache flush. Clear browser cache and check issue should not be reproducible. 


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