How to configure the automatic account locking feature for the Control-M/Enterrprise Manager user on Workload Automation Client?

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


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    - How to configure the automatic account locking feature for the Control-M/Enterprise Manager user on Workload Automation Client?
    - How to enable the automatic account locking feature for attempt login failure on Control-M/Enterprise Manager Client?
    - How to increase or decrease the number of attempts login failure before locking the Control-M/Enterprise Manager User?
    - Can we disable the automatic locking feature for specific Control-M/Enterprise Manager User only?



    - Use the below procedures to configure the Automatic Locking Feature for Control-M/Enterprise Manager User's login failure attempts
    1. Launch Control-M Configuration Manager
    2. Click on the "Control-M/EM" on the component windows to highlight
    3. Click on "System Parameters" icon under the "Home"Tab
    4. Click on "Advanced" on the Control-M/EM - System Parameter menu
    5. Edit the below Control-M/Enterprise Manager System Parameter:
         Valid Value:
          0 (Default): The account is not automatically unlocked but an administrator can manually unlock it.
          Any positive number:
          Time interval, in minutes, after which an account that was automatically locked is automatically unlocked.
          (Accounts locked by an administrator are not unlocked automatically.)
         Valid Value:
         0 (Default):  “Automatic account locking” is not enabled and accounts are never automatically locked
         1 - 100: The number of sequential failed logins after which an account is locked.
    6. Restart the Control-M/Enterprise Manager GUI Server and Control-M Management Server (CMS) for the new value to take effect

    - The above Control-M/Enterprise Manager System Parameters apply to all Control-M/Enterprise Manager User and not possible to configure such feature for specific account


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