TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA) : How long does it typically take for Ivanti/Shavlik to update their Metadata following a Microsoft Patch Tuesday?

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    Windows Patching in TSSA 8.x (Version Neutral)


    Immediately following a Microsoft Patch Tuesday it is often reported that an expected, recently-released patch (bulletin) from Microsoft is not appearing as expected in a Truesight Server Automation (TSSA) Windows Patch Catalog. 

    How long does it typically take Ivanti/Shavlik to update their Metadata following a Microsoft Patch Tuesday so that recently-released patches appear in an updated TSSA Windows Patch Catalog?


    Ivanti (formerly Shavlik) does not guarantee any specific time frame within which to have patches added to their metadata.  

    However any security patch is added as soon as possible. This is almost always the same day of release for Patch Tuesday patches and within 24 hours of the announcement of a zero-day vulnerability. 

    Non-security patches may take slightly longer, depending on how many security patches need to be added at the same time. Usually, all the Non-Security patches should are added by the Friday following the Microsoft patch Tuesday.

    See the following article for details on how to subscribe to Ivanti Content Notifications.


    Please follow the "Security Controls and Patch for Windows" group.

    If there are any questions about the availability of a specific patch, please raise a case with BMC Customer Support with the following details :

    • Names of the patches which are expected but not yet available in the patch catalog.
    • Job run log for the last successful patch catalog update job.
    • List of filters used in the catalog update job.


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