How many users are connected to a Midtier?

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    All tomcat based web applications


    Can it be known how many users are connected through a midtier server? 


    You can find the number of active sessions on a single Tomcat instance. This number is very approximate to the number of users currently connected

    Some exceptions are: 
    - User closed browser and within 1 minute this session will remain active
    - Users connecting to login.jsp (even before entering credentials) page will be considered as active sessions 
    - Users staying at config.jsp page will be considered as active sessions

    JConsole is included with all JDK installations so if your server or client machine has a JDK you already have the tool

    In order to use it remotely, your tomcat JVM needs these 4 java options
    Note:  If you launch jConsole directly on the midtier server, you do not need the java options added

    Then you can connect to your tomcat process with JConsole 
    a)  Launch the JConsole.
    b)  Use the Remote Connection option with the format of  hostname:19999
    Once connected with JConsole you need to navigate as follows:  Catalina -> Manager -> /arsys -> localhost->Attriutes
    The following attributes may be of interest:
    a)  activeSessions - tell you the number of active sessions at that moment in time.
    b)  maxActive  -  the max number of concurrent active sessions from time of server startup
    c)  sessionCounter - the cumuative count of sessions from time of server startup

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