Track-It 20.xx: How to reopen closed Tickets.

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    Track-It! 2019 R2


    Track-It 20.xx


    How to reopen Closed Tickets in Track-It 20.xx


    Please follow the following steps to reopen Closed Tickets in Track-It 20.xx

    • Copy Ticket Closure Business Rule and Edit it.
    • In notification details please append the Subject as Update Ticket "{Ticket - Ticket ID}" has been closed.
                       User-added image  
    • Later Copy Update Ticket via email rule and edit that too.
    • After editing, change the Condition as given in the image below.
                      User-added image  
    • Go to Actions-->Update Record--->Update Ticket Values
    • Click on Select/Edit Fields.
    • Under Ticket ID Use a value or an expression along with the {EXTRACT,"",{New Email - Subject}} 
    • Next select Status Use a value or an expression along with expression as Open.
                      User-added image  
    • Save.
    • Now try reopening the Ticket.
       Note*: Please make sure that while replying to the email remove "RE:" from the subject line as this will not update the ticket and also will not process the email due to filters.



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