TSSA - Reboot from Windows deploy job is not waiting long enough for reboot to occur

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    TrueSight Server Automation


    TrueSight Deploy


    TSSA and BSA 8.x Feature that allows adjustment of reboot timeout available in 8.9 SP3 and above.


    Batch job containing a patch deployment job or deploy job fails with a warning. The deploy job makes a reboot request but times out waiting for reboot.  Reboot takes place after deploy job terminates with a warning.   Reboot subsequently occurs while in the middle of another sub-job that is part of the batch job.

    The deploy job will terminate with messages like those below.

    07/09/19 13:07:42.737 INFO bldeploy - Attempting shutdown REBOOT=true TIMEOUT=0 MSG=System is rebooting  07/09/19 13:22:42.817 DEBUG bldeploy - Metabase initialization skipped because it was not needed  07/09/19 13:22:42.833 INFO bldeploy - Apply Succeeded  07/09/19 13:22:42.833 WARN bldeploy - Reboot required but did not occur. Manual reboot needed to complete operation. 

    Note: this is not a fatal warning so any subsequent batch sub-jobs will continue as normal. 

    Sometime during a subsequent sub-job, the previously requested reboot actually occurs on the target machine.  This will usually cause the sub-job to fail. 
    This can be especially problematic if the batch job is a post provisioning job as the failure will cause the entire provision to fail. 




    Especially on targets using the Windows 10 code base (Windows Server 2016 and Server 2019) reboots may sometimes take place longer than 15 minutes after the initial request. BSA/TSSA has a default timeout of 15 minutes, which is not always sufficient.


    In TSSA 8.9.03 and above the timeout can be configured.  See the online docs: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/tssa89/configuring-bldeploy-behaviour-874282777.html

    Under the heading "Configuring bldeploy behaviour".  

    Note:  To configure these values, you will need to create the file tx_config.cfg in the Transactions folder on the target server.   This can be distributed via a simple bldeploy job,


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