Email coming from voicemail system with no message body does not create ticket

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    FP 12.x/20.x


    When Incoming Email is configured and a Voice Mail system sends an email to FootPrints with a .WAV file attachment, the ticket is created without the file attachment.

    This has been reproduced using the customer provided email. This is an email from the VoiceMail system. The email has data in the Subject and Body and has a 'voicemessage.wav' file attachment.

    NOTE: This is different from the error in DRZNZ-712, where the ticket is not created if the Subject or Body is blank. The customer initially ran in to this and had to modify the VoiceMail system to populate the Body of the email with some data. Prior to this the ticket was not created. Afterwards, the ticket is now being created, but without the file attachment.

    Expected Result:

    The ticket is created and the 'voicemessage.wav' file attachment is added to the ticket.

    Actual Result:

    The ticket is created and the 'voicemessage.wav' file attachment is NOT added to the ticket

    PRE REQ:
    1. FootPrints Workspace/Item created.
    2. Incoming email configured for [PRE1].
    3. Outlook configured for email box used in [PRE2].

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open Outlook and select the Inbox.

    2. Drag the customer provided email in to the Inbox.
    - This is file "Message from PCHD - Gail Barbero (89601).msg" on Support Ticket: 397463

    3. Wait for FootPrints to process the email.

    4. After the ticket is created View or Edit the ticket.


    The ticket is created but there are no file attachments on the ticket.



          Defect DRZNZ-2565 , This has been resolved in FP 20.18.03    


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