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    MyIT Digital Workplace


    DWP 18.05-current


    We have configured notifications per the instructions on this page.


    The approver email is configured to use Email template titled, MyIT SB Approval Email.

    The outgoing message show plain text but no HTML text.

    We are having an issue with Approver notification being generated.

    AP:Notify-000000000000925 is enabled.


    All notification for end user use cases such as request update, approval etc. Should be originated from DWP and support a combination of email, push and in app notification. This gives customers a consistent experience for any notification use case. There was a gap in DWP notification for approval in earlier version which is already addressed in 19.05. DWP 19.05  supports email, in app and push notification for approval use case.

    Please, note that no email notification from DWP supports responding to email notification. The way users act on email is by clicking the deep link url present in the email which takes them directly into the request or approval and perform the action.

    The SB MyIT SB Approval Email  Template below was never intended to be a product feature and it never worked end to end without customers customizing it, which is why it is no longer there in newer version (19.05). In order t make this work, you need to build custom workflow.

    Filters is - AP:Notify-000000000000925

    This is one is from DWP 18.05 which has that template on it.



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