BMC Helix Business Chatbot 19.08 is now available

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    BMC Software announces the 19.08 release of the BMC Helix Chatbot product. BMC Helix Chatbot enables your end users to request services and resolve their issues in a conversational interface.


    BMC Helix Chatbot 19.08 highlights


    Access MyStuff information in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced

    From a chat conversation in BMC Helix Chatbot, end users can access their assets or MyStuff information stored in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced, and perform related actions on those assets.


    Cognitive routing of chats to Live Agent

    To improve the live chat experience for end users, BMC Helix Chatbot provides the capability to automatically route chats to subject matter expert agents who can quickly and effectively resolve the user's queries.


    Cognitive summarization

    When a chat is transferred from BMC Helix Chatbot to a live agent, a summary of the chatbot and end-user conversation is provided to the agent. This helps the agent to quickly understand the end-user's issue and accelerate the resolution.


    Getting version 19.08 of BMC Helix Chatbot


    We will update BMC Helix Platform to version 19.08 as specified in the release calendar. If you have any questions or experience issues after this update, you can raise a ticket with BMC Customer Support.


    Learning more about version 19.08 of BMC Helix Chatbot


    For detailed information about the enhancements in this release, see 19.08 enhancements. For the list of issues that have been corrected, see Known and corrected issues.


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