BMC Helix Digital Workplace 19.08 is now available

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    BMC Software announces the 19.08 release of the BMC Digital Workplace product. This release delivers significant new functionalities that customers have requested, including enhancements to the end user experience and catalog capabilities, as well as various defect fixes.

    BMC Helix Digital Workplace 19.08 highlights
    Following are some key features and changes for this release.

    Service provider mode to manage multiple customers
    As a service provider, you can use the managed service provider mode to add and manage multiple customers, their users, and the services you provide to your customers. You can also enable the credit management feature to use a currency-agnostic approach for assigning a cost to your services. Thereafter, you can assign credit limits to each of your customers and charge them based on the number of credits consumed.

    More user control for viewing events in BMC Digital Workplace
    In the BMC Digital Workplace end user console, users can do the following tasks to control how events are displayed:

    • Filter active events by Requests or Approvals. If the Advanced version is installed, they can also filter by Appointments. They can further filter the active events with a keyword search. These options are available in List View only.
    • Adjust the page size to 10, 25, 50, or 100 items. For Active events, the options are available in List View only. For Past events, the options are always available.

    New options for questionnaires

    The Question Designer in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog has several enhancements:

    • You can add regular expressions to password-type questions. You can use these expressions to define a required password schema and validate the responses that the end users provide.
    • You can create a multi-tabbed questionnaire where conditions on one tab affect questions on other tabs. For example, you might create a questionnaire for setting up a VM Service. The questionnaire would include with these tabs: General, Hardware, Operating System, Storage, Network. You can configure conditional questions on the Hardware tab that affect the Operating System and Network tabs.
    • The default value for a Text Field question includes the following new options:
      • Requested For Login Name
      • Requested By Login Name


    Ability to set the default language to set language preferences
    BMC Digital Workplace administrators can set a default language to display content for end users. In the BMC Digital Workplace end user console, end users can override the default language and select a language of their choice.


    Updated ITSM integration patch for BMC Digital Workplace Catalog
    An updated ITSM integration patch for BMC Digital Workplace Catalog is now available. This patch is compatible with BMC Remedy IT Service Management 18.08 Patch 1 or later.


    Getting version 19.08 of BMC Helix Digital Workplace
    We will update BMC Helix Digital Workplace 19.08 as specified in the release calendar. If you have any questions or experience issues after this update, you can raise a ticket with BMC Support.


    Downloading and installing version 19.08 of BMC Helix Digital Workplace
    To install BMC Digital Workplace, follow our installation instructions at Downloading the BMC Digital Workplace installation files.


    Learning more about version 19.08 of BMC Helix Digital Workplace
    For detailed information about the enhancements in this release, see the BMC Digital Workplace Basic release notes and the BMC Digital Workplace Advanced release notes. For the list of known issues that have been corrected, see Known and corrected issues.

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