Normalization Troubleshooting Step

Version 1
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    1. Open the form BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseElement search for the CI in the under the Dataset ID = BMC.ADDM and Normalization Status = Normalization Failed

        1.1. There is web report set up for this on BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseElement form. We can run this and extract the data into a CSV file.


    2. Extract the unique product categorization data in an excel sheet and verify them in the PCT:Product Catalog form or PCT:Product Catalog Setup form

        2.1. Check the availability of the Product categorization based on above report

        2.2. If already prod cat is present then check for the model & version, if model & versions are missing then add it manually or if more number of records need to add then load it vai UDM

        2.3. For error Normalization Error:ERROR (120516): Could not find any unique entry in the Product Both Model and market version along with patch was present in system. Market version was removed from the Product category after this change the CI got normalized.

        Make sure Company association in model version and the product catalog should be same.



    3. Identify if the product catalog exists in the system or there is a near match for it. In that case create a normalization alias for it in NE:ProductNameAlias form.

    An example is if the manufacturer in the CI is Microsoft Corp and in the catalog it is configured as Microsoft an alias for this can be defined.

         3.1 If the product catalog is missing in the system, check if an entry can be made in the Catalog mapping form available on Normalization console to align with a nearest matching product catalog.

         3.2 If this is not identified then add this new product catalog in the system.


    4. If the product catalog is existing in the system, but still the CI is failing normalization then one of the cases below can happen:

         4.1  If the CI has no model version then add an UNKNOWN model version in the product catalog.

         4.2  If the CI has a model version and is missing in product catalog, add the missing model version in the product catalog.

         4.3  If the CI has a patch and is missing in product catalog add the missing patch in the product catalog.

         4.4  If the CI has a model version and is present in the product catalog then ensure the company association of the model version and the product catalog is matching