Relay List Being Ignored or not Working in 12.7

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    Relay List Being Ignored or not Working in 12.7

    In 12.7 , Relay list configuration should be read from relay.sqlite3 but it is getting read from subnets.xml file.


    This is because of subnets.xml file still existing in data/relay and relay list is being read from subnets.xml


    As the solution needs to move the xml file and requires a stop and start of service(or relay module to be unloaded for a couple of minute) as a consequence communication with Client device will be lost temporarily, So it is recommended to implement the solution procedure at a convenient time (outside working hours) 

    Solution :

    - Stop the BMC Client Management Service on the Master.
    - Go to folder : C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Client Management\Master\data\Relay
    - Move the subnets.xml files to the other folder(Just keep that as a back up ).

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    - Restart the BMC Client Management service.

    This will resolve the relay list functionality issue.

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