TSCO 11.5 UI issues with new color palette

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    Capacity Optimization


    TSCO 11.5


    The new TSCO 11.5 UI design, specifically viewing ETLs and Logs within the UI is extremely difficult compared to 11.3.

    The direction to only color code text and not highlight the column background makes navigation and identifying ETL status or warning/error message harder to distinguish. 

    Please make reference to below screenshots.

    ETL tasks:
    User-added image

    ETL edit task:
    User-added image

    ETL tasks:
    User-added image

    ETL edit task:
    User-added image



    We appreciate our customers feedback, we have consensus to change to highlight the status of ETL tasks using background colors instead of text colors.

    We have generated a defect:


    This defect will be solved under CHF AS&EE which will  be tentative release on 7 May.  


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