How to do custom branding for Remedy SSO Login page?

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    Remedy Single Sign On


    Remedy Single Sign On


    RSSO branding


    BMC Remedy Single Sign On (RSSO) login page can be customized (to a certain extent) from branding perspective.  To perform branding customization, please follow the below steps

    -> Login to RSSO Admin console
    -> Click on the Realm to edit it
    -> Click on Branding
    -> You may change the Product name, alter images etc.

    There is further customization one  may perform however it is not through Out of the box feature hence not supported.  For instance, if you want to remove the BMC copyright information, there is a footer note in RSSO login page as below that you may comment out.

    NOTE:  Please take a backup of <tomcat>\webapps\rsso\login.jsp file  before making any changes


    <li><%=Internalization.getValue(request, "login.copyright1", Calendar.getInstance().get(Calendar.YEAR))%></li> 
    <li><%=Internalization.getValue(request, "login.copyright2")%></li> 


    <div class="d-login-footer-logo"> 
    <a href="/" onclick="return false;"><%=Internalization.getValue(request, "login.powered")%></a> 


    Once you make the above change, stop the Tomcat service. Navigate to <tomcat>\work\catalina\localhost directory. Remove 'RSSO' directory if there is any. Start the Tomcat service 

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