BCO_WEB_WARN302 - You have exceeded the maximum number of sessions assigned to your account

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    * Log into your CO as 'Administrator' user
    * Navigate to:  Administration >SYSTEM >Auditing
    * Check the 'Filter action groups > User Logins' option.
    * Confirm if you have multiple sessions still opened up for your user.
    * Confirm if the users in the list having this issue have their 'ROLE' as 'ADMIN' from the CO UI.

    R & D has confirmed that this is a known issue and the fix for this problem was introduced in CO 10.5

    To solve the problem of exceeded the maximum number of sessions you can just increase the number of session active for the same user.
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    Note:- From the above example, the default is to 2 which is increased to 5.

    We highly recommend to use the logout button option to close the session and not to close the browser directly because this causes the session to remain active.
    Once you upgrade to our 10.5 release, this issue would be fixed.

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