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    000130901Changing AR Server Reference in SmartIT / MyIT Application
    000136816Need to hide "Business Request" in Browse Category of MyIT
    000011664MyIT | Is Quick Launch SRD supported in MyIT?
    000133620The notification bell doesn't appear to be working within Digital Workplace ?
    000033015MyIT - connection to Oracle fails with Error Code: 17410 - No more data to read from socket
    000125117In-app notification is not working in MyIT 3.2
    000123639Can I use cURL to run authenticated REST calls against MyIT server which is integrated with RSSO?
    000114514How to delete user profile from Mongo DB
    000123047MyIT cluster environment with SSO on one node and without SSO on another node
    000101167MyIT Tenant Configuration.
    000138820MyIT Integration with RSSO not working
    000097555Configuring MyIT/SmartIT with an AR Server Group
    000138756In MyIT 3.3.02, Error 326 occurs when submitting a Service Request On-Behalf-Of another user (with attachment)
    000116992Questions on license model for MyIT
    000026511How can I increase the MyIT Session timeout ?
    000117311CRSF and Digital Workplace
    000124329SRD created with questions based on answers do not show the questions ordered
    000120701Unable to login to MyIT - error 1013
    000111957MyIT / SmartIT Required Ports
    000133376Service Broker ITSM User/Group sync script doesn't work with SSL
    000076445MyIT Service restart
    000130610Upgraded to 9.1.02 Virtual Agent getting Invalid login or Password
    000113642MyIT and SmartIT not starting after SmartIT service restart (Server Group environment)
    000113347Attachments not passing if request is submitted from MyIT.
    000123907MyIT Exception in thread "main" com.beust.jcommander.ParameterException: Unknown option