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    November 2019 list of top viewed AR Server knowledge articles, this will be regularly updated.


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    Remedy - Server - Error: "ORA-65096: invalid common user or role name" installing ARS 9.1.on Oracle 12c

    000105173Remedy Smart Reporting - How To Reset Default Admin User "siadmin" Password To Fix The Error "You have exceeded the number of allowed login attempts."?
    000133403Remedy - Server - 'Could not refresh JMS Connection for destination...' errors seen in the arerror.log



    000131309Remedy - MidTier - How to send attachments via the Remedy REST API
    000120607Remedy - Server - Error: "ARERR 623 - Authentication failed" when opening the Report Console
    000031298What does it mean to Truncate the Transaction Log?
    000139980How to use Self Signed Certificates in Postman Chrome Extension
    000072784ARERR 382 - The value(s) for this entry violate a unique index that has been defined for this form
    000130237Smart Reporting version information
    000096477Configuring Tomcat for encoded slashes in the URL
    000095061ERROR: ORA-03127: no new operations allowed until the active operation ends seen in arerror.log (ARERR 552)
    000102992Remedy - Server - Enabling case-insensitive searches with an AR System server 8.1 or 9.x with Oracle
    000123150ARERR 552 Error Message explained and how to investigate the cause of it
    000065252ARERR 9350 error
    000031873What does ORA-01041 error mean?
    000134723How to pass User credentials in REST API URL
    000101607ARWARN[9505] - AR Server is Not Reachable when Logging in.
    000129255Remedy - Email Engine - How can I test my Mailbox Configuration outside of the Email Engine? Includes Video!
    000122810Remedy - Server - Steps to reconfigure AR Servers in Server Group
    000133102How to turn logging on for RESTAPI problems?
    000129230How to perform queries on fields using REST API
    000084360Remedy - FTS - How to rebuild the FTS index on a Server Group
    000082971Remedy - Server - Change date format, time format in ARS server side workflow objects (filter, escalation)
    000088742Remedy - Server - Log Zipper - How to collect configuration files and remedy logs for BMC Support