TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor:How to determine the Version details of TMTM and TSMA/MVMA

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    How to determine the Version details of TMTM and TSMA/MVMA


    Below procedures for TMTM Version details
    1) Login to command prompt 
    <TMTM Installation Directory>qpas --version
    BMC MM Application Service Version 8.1.00 (build 425, Fix D)
    (C) Copyright 1996-2018 BMC Software, Inc.

    2) You can get the versions details at top of the any of qpas, qpts, qphs, qpes, qpcfg service logs
    For e.g :- Starting the Object_Manager service version

    3) Also you can get from the HELP---->About in the Monitor console page.
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    Below for TSMA/MVMA Version details

    1) When user login to MVMA, The version details is shown as below.
    2) Also you can get from the HELP---->About in the admin console page.

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