Approvals do not work after only ARS/CMDB upgrade to 18.08.01 and not ITSM/SRM - "ERROR (417): The group name is not a defined group." while performing any activity.

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    Remedy Change Management Application


    ITSM/SRM 9.1 and on ARS 18.08.01 (or above)


    If ARS upgraded to 18.08.01 + and ITSM/SRM on lower version (i.e. 9.1)

    >> Then approval will not work where Login ID contain : (colon) e.g bmc:user
    >> Create a new Change Request 
    >> Move the Change request from Draft to Request For Authorization. 
    >> Request should go to approval if no approver found it should move to next stage

    Change request is getting stuck in Approval stage but no approval attached.
    In case of no approver also it is getting stuck in Approval stage.

    Getting below Error in approval Logs.
    417 The group name is not a defined group.
    4502 Operation cancelled due to error

    When just the platform AR/CMDB gets upgraded (without ITSM), Approvals stopped working.

    Expected behavior:
    The approvals should work even after partial upgrade of AR and CMDB with old ITSM 9.1 to 18.08 version.

    (The problem is happening because in the approval filters it has an extra ':' you would see this in the approval server log)

    below you can see a log snippet: (Bad part in bold)

    <APPR> <TNAME: Thread-1                 > <INFO > <ApprovalEngine > <   > /* Wed Jul 10 2019 08:57:38.0327  */ Other Long    -- 1000000493;'Allen';:
    <APPR> <TNAME: Thread-3                 > <INFO > <ApprovalEngine > <   > /* Wed Jul 10 2019 08:57:38.0333  */ Other Long    -- ; Change Level CI-IA - Review; Change Level CI-IA - Business; Change Level CI-IA - Implementation; Change Level CI-IA - Close Down
    <APPR> <TNAME: Thread-2                 > <INFO > <ApprovalEngine > <   > /* Thu Jul 18 2019 10:50:37.0228  */ Other Long    -- 

    Example: Change management filter CHG:CRQ:DetermineApprovalStateStart_CALLAPPENGINE is pushing the extra ':' colon.

    Non- working: Application-Command Approval New-Details -s "$SCHEMA$" -e "$Request ID$" -t "$ApprovalProcessName$" -1 "$z1D_PriorityMapped$" -l "$Assignee Groups$: $Vendor Assignee Groups$"
    Working:          Application-Command Approval New-Details -s "$SCHEMA$" -e "$Request ID$" -t "$ApprovalProcessName$" -1 "$z1D_PriorityMapped$" -l "$Assignee Groups$

    **These are couple of more filters which were affected by this behavior, above is just an example.


    Defect# SW00553303


    The reported problem is known defect. Please contact BMC Customer Support for the Hotfixes. This Defect is fixed from 19.02 version of ITSM/SRM.

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