Unable to add MVE link to z/OSMF

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    MainView Explorer - MainView Infrastructure release 6.1.00 and above.


    Unable to add MVE link to z/OSMF,  nothing is being displayed. 


    MVE will open up on a new tab within ZOSMF only if your browser is IE (the last browser to support applets). If you try your link on another browser, you will get a blank screen.   If you are not using IE, then you can still link to MVE, but it will open an application window via Java Web Start. The link is a little different - using mvelink.jnlp rather than default.html.

    Here is the command you have:
    http://xx.xx.x.xx:3940/default.html?link=’transfer*mvmvs sysover’&autologon=y

    Here is the command you should use:
    http://xx.xx.x.xx:3940/mvelink.jnlp?link=’transfer * mvmvs sysover’+autologon=y

     Note there are spaces around the asterisk.  Also note that if you want to use autologon=y, you must use the plus sign (+) rather than the ampersand (&) before it (just for mvelink,jnlp).

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